We are looking for outstanding candidates to join the group. 

Applicants with track record / experience / expertise / strong passion in ANY ONE of the following technical fields are especially valued:

  • Finite element simulations
  • Vibrations and waves
  • Frontiers in condensed matter physics, including bosonic spin, topological invariant, multi-body topological order, magic angle, spin-orbit coupling, etc.
  • White-box machine learning techniques
  • Quantum algorithms

Graduate Students (Ph.D. or M.Sc.)

Multiple research assistant positions for Ph.D. and M.Sc. students in the areas of numerical simulations (finite elements/machine learning/quantum computing), solid mechanics, wave physics, and architected materials are available now. Starting date can be any time from now to the fall semester this or next year. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our research, students with backgrounds in all disciplines of engineering and science including mechanical engineering, materials science & engineering, civil engineering, electrical & computer engineering, computer science, condensed matter physics, and applied mathematics are strongly encouraged to apply. Interested students should send a curriculum vitae with references and a brief description of research interest to Dr. Wang by e-mail for consideration.

Post-doctoral Research Fellows

If you have a Ph.D or getting one soon and wish to work on exciting projects in our group, please let us know! The application package should include a detailed curriculum vitae with a list of publications, reference letters, and a one-page statement of what you would like to do here.

Undergraduate Students

We have openings for undergraduate students who are interested in doing research in the area of computational research, solid mechanics, acoustics, and vibrations. If interested, please contact Prof. Wang for an inquiry. See university-wide posting here

Visiting Students and Researchers

We have openings for visiting students and researchers who are interested in doing research in the area of wave manipulations. If interested, please contact Dr. Wang for inquiry at least 4 months ahead of the intended visiting date if you need a U.S. visa.


Dr. Pai Wang


Office: MEK 2467
E-mail: pai.wang@utah.edu