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Applied Physics Letters, 2024; 124:212201.
[PDF here]



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Observation of maxon-like ultrasound in elastic metabeam Algorithm
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[PDF here]




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[PDF here]



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Characterizing Mechanical Properties of Layered Engineered Wood Using Guided Waves and Genetic Algorithm
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[PDF here]




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Physical Review Letters, 2023; 131:176101
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News Release: A New Path to Designer Materials - Any Dispersion Relation You Want
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Experimental Observation of Negative Rotational Inertia
Applied Physics Letters, 2023; 123:121701
[PDF here]




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Fractal Patterns in the Parameter Space of Bi-stable Duffing Oscillator
Physical Review E, 2023; 108:L022201
[PDF here] [Supplemental Materials]




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[PDF here]


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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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Metamaterials with amplitude gaps for elasticsolitons
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[PDF here]

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2017.
[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]

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[PDF here]